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About Us

Broders Computers is an ICT Company based in Nairobi Kenya.The company started in March 2006, Broders Computers has curved a niche as the preferred laptop repair shop for the leading laptop distributors in the Nairobi region that include Ebrahims Electronics, FG Systems, Neptune Technologies, Bestel computers, Sysconet Computers and Starcom Computers.
Broders Computers will introduce a new division exclusively dealing in the sale of Apple’s Mac Book series computers and accessories.
 We have the mission of improving the livelihood of the average Kenyan by providing end-to-end affordable laptop services, making every laptop user compatible with the current information and technology age.
Broders Computers will also seek a fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and to satisfactorily compensate owners and investors for their money and risk.

At first we faced many challenges same as any other business at its initial point. During that time, electronic products such as laptops and TFT screens where so much expensive that very few people in this region could afford. Another challenge was the expertise as far as technology is concerned.Later on we laid a solid foundation and put strategic plans in place and we started attracting more and more clients due to our proffessionalism and fair charges for our services.

Currently Broders Computers stands as one of the preffered stop for this region in Laptop sales, repair, maintenance,networking and data recovery. Click here for more about our brands.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision : To improving the livelihood of the average Kenyan by providing end-to-end affordable laptop services, making every laptop user compatible with the current information and technology age.

Our Mission: To expand Broders Computers in all major towns of East Africa and we won't take a rest till we see everyone satisfied as far as our service provision is concerned.

Our drive: We are a company fueled by professionalism,experience and respect for our clients.We believe that customer is always right the only thing that matters is mutual understanding on both sides in terms of cost and reasoning.

Our slogan: IT Solutions for you.

What we do

We sell New and second hand laptops, computers and accessories. We also repair laptop, do Networking, Fiber Termination and Proliant Server Installation and Configuration.Click here for more about our brands.

We also supply laptops and computers to schools, cyber cafes and institutions on cash terms.

We have branches in Nairobi and Kisumu cities respectively having plans to open a branch in Mombasa, Eldoret and Nakuru. Due to signing of East African common market, we have also realized opportunities in Rwanda, Burundi, Dar es Salaam and Juba in southern Sudan.In this case we are planing to survey this regions and as soon as possible place branches in respectively.

For more information please contact us.
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Currently we don't accept credit cards but still you can do what we call distance purchase within East Africa.

Download our price list then Select your product(s). You don't need to come to our shops. Just Call, Fax , or send us an email. Give us the product(s) details and pay via Mpesa or Zap. Click Here for more information on distance payment.

Our Mpesa number is 0724 547241. Zap Number is 0733239565. If you are outside Nairobi we recommend a flat rate of shipping charges of Kshs. 700.00 per item. Read more by clicking the respective logos below. Thanks You!
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